Welcome to Potabi Technological Developments, LLC

Potential and Ability. Pretty. Powerful.

Potabi Technological Developments is a company dealing with open-source software with our dream of building an enterprise-ready solution for desktop and mobile needs. In the future we plan to use two methods of collecting income. A pay-what-you-want model where you can optionally pay to download our software (to support us), as well as a paid support model.

Our bread and butter is operating systems development, but we do work on other projects as well, with the goal of supporting open-source projects. These projects may include features that will allow us to get paid for our work on our operating systems, allowing us to grow. More is on the way with Potabi Technological Development, so stay tuned.

This website is still in EARLY development and still needs lots of time, effort, and love before it is fully complete.