Welcome to Potabi

Here are all of the different versions, designed for purpose.

Potabi for Desktop

We work on a desktop operating system. It's built on the same base as everything else the Potabi Systems project. While this might seem "basic", we take another step. While each OS is different, they are intentionally designed for their platforms. That part is less common. Many Linux servers often fall into a couple simple issues. Either they are a desktop-focuesed operating system, and their server is a slight modification of their desktop version that doesn't really change much. Alternatively, they are designed for servers, and their desktop version is just modified for their desktop. Not us. Potabi Desktop edition is DESIGNED for desktop use.

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Potabi for Server

Like desktop and mobile, Potabi Server edition is designed for server use. We have custom applications to help you set up tools for web hosting, data storage, and more. It also doesn't come with software no server operating system ever needs, like a browser, games, a graphical software center, camera application, media player, etc. When using a server, you need it slim, you need it fast, you need it usable. Potabi Server takes up no more space than it needs to for a user-friendly experience. Get up and running as fast as possible with Potabi Server.

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Potabi for Mobile

Potabi Mobile edition is the first project to officially announce starting work on being a FreeBSD-based mobile operating system to be on par, and with the same core mobile environments, with newer Linux variants. Using Lomiri the downloads page only gives you the mobile phones in support. We are working to make sure Android, along with custom applications, work flawlessly, and with as few possible issues. The Potabi Mobile edition was how the Potabi Systems project got started in the first place.

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The Basics

For getting started building with, or for, Potabi.


Security is very important in the modern era. Every week you hear about a new massive data breach. We have an entire page dedicated to why we are taking security seriously, how we plan on doing it, and more.

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We have an entire page dedicated to developers looking to build applications on top of the Potabi operating systems. Learn more about making applications about building apps by clicking the button below.

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Potabi's base, and all first-party is written under variations of the BSD licenses. Feel free to check out our GitHub for our licenses, and look up the information for other projects if required, or click the learn more button.

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